Ananta Chaturdashi: Significance in Hinduism

      Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturdashi, is an auspicious day of Ananta Chaturdashi; when people take away their mind from worldly actions and devote themselves to God, listen to legends of God Vishnu, recite hymns from the Vedas. During the fast on this day; the worship is done in mid day. Ananta means endless, infinite. The thread worn as armlet or round the neck, on this day; awards infinite happiness, by blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturdashi, is an auspicious day of Ananta Chaturdashi
Ananta Chaturdashi

      Once when Yudhisthira of the Mahabharata, was moving in the forests from place to place, he expressed his grief to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna replied, "O' Yudhisthira, you should worship God Ananta (Vishnu) ritually. Your problems will be over and you will get back your kingdom. You should observe a fast, in reverence to God Vishnu". He further narrated the story of Saint Kaunidney, who was married to a godly daughter of a Brahmin Sumantu. On the way back, at night fall, they encamped on the bank of a river. At that time, the bride saw a number of women going for worship. She also got up and asked the importance of the occasion. They explained that they were worshipping Ananta (Vishnu) and that an armlet with fourteen knots, tied on the arm, blessed the devotee with indefinite happiness. When Kaundiney Rishi enquired where she had gone, she explained the importance of the worship and the armlet. The saint was enraged, tore away the armlet and threw that away. This was a disgraceful act in respect of the deity. As a result, the life of the two became miserable. Later when the saint realized his blunder, he repented, went into the forest in search of the armlet, traced that and reverentially put that on. God Ananta (Vishnu) appeared, pardoned his sin, blessed him with infinite happiness. Kaundiney observed the fast religiously for fourteen years and attained salvation. On the advice of Krishna, Yudhisthira also started undertaking the fast in reverence to God Ananta (Vishnu).

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