Dhruva Narayan Temple in Vrindavan

      There are two routes to the Dhruva Narayan Temple. One route goes right through the village. The problem with this route is that as the road nears its destination, its quality deteriorates. So, tourists have to park their cars and walk the remaining distance, which is quite tedious. The better option would be to take the road on the left side, just before entering the village. This takes us to the foothills of Dhruva Tilla.

      Dhruva Narayan Temple is on a small hillock hence this place is known as Dhruva Tilla meaning Dhruva Hillock. Twenty-five red steps up the hillock led us to the temple made of red stone.

      As I entered the temple, I saw the statue of the famous Vaishnava saint Haridas ji. I took a turn to the right, which led me to the main altar. This has three separate rooms. The room on the left has idols of Lakshmi and Sathya Narayana and a picture of Lord Vishnu blessing young Dhruva. The room on the right has Santoshi Maa's idol. Next to this room is an idol of Lord Hanuman. The room in the centre is the biggest room. It houses idols of Vishnu and Lakshmi at the centre and Sage Narada on the left and Dhruva on the right. On the main door, there is an inscription in Hindi 'Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya. This is what Dhruva, as a young child, had chanted to receive the Blessings of Lord Narayana.

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