Madhuvan in Brij Bhoomi: Travelogue of A Devotee

"Fix your mind on Me and let your intellect dwell on Me. You will live solely in Me without any doubt." (Bhagavad Gita 12.8)

      Madhuvan is one of the 12 famous forests in Brij Bhoomi. A demon named Madhu lived here hence the name Madhuvan (van meaning 'forest'). To reach Madhuvan, I took the highway from Mathura and travelled eastwards, towards Gokul. Within a few kilometres, I saw a huge palatial temple made of white marble on the right side this was the Sri Gurudev Temple. Adjacent to this temple is a dusty road on the right, with a signboard Maholi'. In Lord Krishna's time, Maholi village was Madhuvan.

      At first sight, Madhuvan village appeared to be another nondescript village in the Brij Bhoomi belt it had dusty and narrow roads and small kids running around trying to keep pace with the stray dogs and fowls. However, as I got away from the village and moved towards the Dhruva Narayan Temple, the environment changed completely. Suddenly, I was in the middle of thick vegetation and greenery. There were no vehicles and no noisy village kids. It was as if I had been suddenly transferred to Lord Krishna's era. In the middle of the trees and shrubs, I saw beautiful peacocks dancing and showing off their dazzling feathers. It was a vana (forest) in every sense. No wonder Lord Krishna decided to make Brij Bhoomi His Abode.

      Krishna Kund is a big pool in the Madhuvan forest located between the Balarama Temple and the Shatrughna Temple. This kund has a lot of water and is very well maintained. This is known as Krishna Kund because it was created by Krishna to quench the thirst of His friends and cattle.

      Krishna comes to Madhuvan forest along with Balarama and all the cowherds. They bring the cattle and play on the grass. Krishna plays His Fute and the melody fills Madhuvan forest. All the birds and animals come to watch and listen to Krishna play His flute.

      After some time, the cowherds tell Krishna, "We are very thirsty, and so are our cattle "

      Krishna asks them to go to River Yamuna to quench their thirst.

      The boys tell Him, "We are too tired and thirsty to walk all the way to River Yamuna."

      Krishna takes pity on the cowherds and the cattle. He is after all Govinda, the protector of the coms. He immediately strikes the ground with His Flute. At once, the ground cracks. Water begins to gush on and within a few minutes, the entire area turns into a buge pool. Since this happens due to the blessings of Lord Krishna, this sacred pool is known as Krishna Kund.

      Balarama Temple is to the left of Krishna Kund. This temple is also known as Dauji Temple since Lord Balarama is lovingly known as Dauji. One striking feature about the Balarama deity is that the idol is black in colour. In most of the temples in Brij Bhoomi, the idol of Lord Krishna is black and that of Lord Balarama is white. However, this temple seems to be an exception.

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