Devi Baglamukhi: Significance of Worship The Form of Devi

A very very typical confusion that persists in many circles is that all Bagla upasana must be done in satwik manner. To establish this all sorts of secondary and tertiary and speculative ideas are put forth with confidence ignoring more primary evidences. 

Frankly, IMO the biggest damage to Tantra sadhana has come from theoretical vedantism infusion with marginal real sadhana experience and confidently putting forth that same misconceptions all around as gospel truth. And this is by far much more dangerous than some roadside tantriks doing some kriyas or B-Grade Bollywood movies showing tantra in some negative light. For those are caricatures which won't stand for long once the truth is brought out. However, this gyani sounding emasculation of sadhana by infusing vedantic transcendentalism is the biggest disservice to the path which was meant to be a sadhana shastra and where actual manifestation of the devata and mantra shakti holds much greater respect than any kind of lofty postmortem glories. Somehow it is an admission of incompetence in the sadhana too much off transcendentalism ignoring the first order results to expect - for the first applications and results of the mantra are all made crystal clear in texts and they mince no words neither shy away and hide behind jargons, which seems to be a norm among many today.

Devi Baglamukhi

Baglamukhi puja when it happens in kaula marga is always done via panchatattva. And it is not even a thing of today but sampradayas which are at least 500 years old do it that way. Not only Baglamukhi but every single Mahavidya can be worshipped via kaula marga and results are clearest when done so. This is further attested by the rahasya sahasranamam-s of Bagalamukhi where She is equated with the pratyaksa tattwa-s. Those who know will know. 

Worship of Baglamukhi in the dakshinachara way is fine and produces nice results too, but saying that is the only correct way is absolutely wrong, neither supported via living traditions of centuries nor via tantric texts. It is just a reflection of bias and lack of actual experience of this sadhana.

The best way to understand is once you have tantra diksa perform multiple anusthan of the deity by the book and by the time you reach 5th to 6th your mind will get terrific clarity about the path and the methods and the results and the texts and why they say what they say. 

Baglamukhi is a powerful Mahavidya and it is wonderful to make offerings of the pratyaksya panchamakara Tattvas in Her puja, and observe, when done by the vidhi and with right concentration and bhakti and knowledge, how swiftly the mantras work and they work in textbook fashion as the tantras say they would!

Those who consider Kaula/Vama puja padhyatis as some blackmagic or lower order are suffering from delusions frankly. Their own biases have taken over their mind ignoring primary evidence. Their opinions need not be taken seriously. Finally in tantra the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in eating. 

Conclusion: Both methods of upasana work. Vamacara/Kaulacara with actual offerings of panchatattva work magnificently well and sharply manifest the results that tantra-s say they would, much to the discomfort of the half-baked dakshinachara dogmatists. 

This is the reality of it all. As the competence/adhikara of the upasaka so is the path and the manifestation of Shakti in that path.

ॐ पशुरक्तरतप्रियायै नमः ।
ॐ पशुमांसप्रियायै नमः ।
ॐ नीलपर्वतवासिन्यै नमः ।
ॐ ब्रह्मशक्त्यै नमः । 
ॐ भगलिङ्गनिवासिन्यै नमः ।
ॐ मधुमत्तायै नमः ।
ॐ मधुप्रियायै नमः ।


PS: Knew one instance where a guru and shishya-s who used to visit Kamakhya but at the same time would abuse the use of pancha tattwa as asuric and tamasic and what not using filthiest language .. and the chela-s of the gurus would howl 10 times more than the guru did.. until one day suddenly the great satwic-evagelist suddenly expired quite unexpected and then the chaos that followed among the crowd of half-baked shishyas... woah!.. all the satwa guna had turned into toxic backbiting festival.

Follow your own lane and never comment on things which one does not have a genuine and real idea of. Being truthful about ones practice and knowledge, not verbally trespassing into outside territory as some all-knowing gyani, is the first real sign of a good upasaka, fit to reach the heights.

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