Maa Kamakhya: Mystical Power of Devi by Rajarshi Nandy

      Some you learn via books. Some you learn from gurus. Some you learn via own sadhana and meditations. And rest, the cream is only through Her anugraha. She decides what She will show to whom and for how long.

      Once there used to be a group of upasakas who came to Kamakhya and did a lot of bhajan kirtan and annadan etc seva on the hill. They made the concrete steps to some of the more remote temples on the hill. All good. Went on for 3 years and then suddenly vanished - no body has a clue where they vanished and what happened to them. The learned panda who was telling this story chuckled and said Maa Kamakhya decides who stays in Her domain for how long and as needed chucks out people/upasakas.

Kamakhya is not for everyone. But for those who really love Her, there is no place that matches Nilaparvat.
Maa Kamakhya

      This is so true. As you spend enough time on the hill, both alone and with various people, will see this pattern endlessly. She is a master chess player amazing at checkmating minds and throwing them off gear moment She think it is what is to be done.

      Maa Kamakhya tests - and She tests like no one else does - are super crazy. Right upto the last drop blood and sweat She will put to test and see what is your degree of commitment. If you pass, you jump higher in your sadhana a visible upsurge of anubhutis and contact with Her realm, if you fall you will get disillusioned in material aspects of life one after the other and then eventually totally drop out of Her zone.

      Kamakhya is the oldest of Shaktipithas in existence. She is more ancient than the codified shastras we have today. She is ruthless in Her assault and magical in Her healing capacity. I saw some videos of people speaking on Kamakhya and I got bored for they were not speaking from any direct experience, just rehashed bookish knowledge. It's fine but also boring.

      There are more secret and there are also very elevated upasakas of Her who keep themselves hidden from the world. But sometimes She gives an adesh and inspiration, if one acts on it great, if not then repercussions will certain follow in time.

Kamakhya is not for everyone. But for those who really love Her, there is no place that matches Nilaparvat.

Only other pitha you may find as intense is Tarapith smashan, but that is different in the nature than Kamakhya.

कामाख्या वरदे देवी नील पर्वत वासिनी त्वं देवी जगन्नमाता योनी मुद्रे नमोस्तुते..

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